A Mustard Seed Grown

It’s amazing how when I look back at some of the most significant things that have taken place in my life, that it always begins with a “mustard seed”. In fact, at the time when these “mustard seed moments” occur, they seem almost coincidental and so easy to miss. This last week, we were in Islamabad, Pakistan where we did our Kingdom Invasion Conference. We had an absolutely amazing time and we all felt the significance of the event in releasing something afresh in the nation of Pakistan. Yet when I think back to how it all started, I see random events. I see “mustard seed moments” where we couldn’t have anticipated what it would result in today.

It was about 12 years ago, when we had a small team go up to Chiang Mai in Thailand to visit a local church there. The object of the trip was to connect with this particular church to see if we could work together with them. However, it was on this trip also that we met a young Pakistani man who introduced us to one of his friends who was at that moment studying in Singapore. The person who was studying in Singapore was none other than Nabeel Riaz – now our Cornerstone pastor in Pakistan.

On hindsight, nothing came out of the church that we were visiting in Thailand, but instead an accidental meeting became the spark that resulted in all that we’re doing in the nation of Pakistan today. This is just one of many testimonies of how we’ve been unconsciously swept up in God’s greater eternal purposes. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that God moves often when we’re unaware. There are some definite things that we can do so that we do not miss or bypass what He has divinely set up for our lives.

1. Stay Flexible
It’s essential for us to always stay flexible and not be dogmatic about things. We all have a tendency to fall into a fixed pattern of doing things. While I’m a strong advocate of setting patterns in our lives, it’s important that we don’t become dogmatic about it. For one thing, Jesus compared Himself to the serpent that was lifted up in the wilderness. If this isn’t a break from the usual pattern, then I don’t know what is. The serpent is a common analogy used to represent the devil, but here Jesus uses it to compare it to Himself.

There are some things in the Bible that are non-negotiables, but most things are NOT. When we determine that God can only move in certain ways, we’ll end up missing Him when He does things in an out-of-the-ordinary fashion.

2. Be Ready To Be Inconvenienced
Our willingness to be inconvenienced is almost always a required ingredient for God’s divine appointments. I recall how in the year 2011, when we made a visit to Wales – specifically to visit Ffald-y-Brenin. Along the way, we made a detour to visit the Bible College of Wales. When we arrived, the place was shut and when we finally did get into the compound, we were greeted by a very obnoxious caretaker. Little did we realise that behind the detour, the shut doors and a nasty person lies an incredible call to purchase the bible college!

Rebekah did not hesitate to be inconvenienced by a stranger asking for water for his camels and it opened a door to marriage and the legacy of being one of the matriarchs of Israel.

3. Pay Attention To The People
Finally, when God sets up a divine appointment, it’ll involve people. Don’t brush people off. Don’t be too quick to judge. God’s plans are always embedded in people. If we’ll give time to people, we’re making room for God to show up.

We want to thank the church for praying and fasting for Kingdom Invasion, Pakistan. We had around 1,500 pastors and leaders at the meetings. Though the lead up to the event was fraught with difficulties, we saw the Lord move in powerful ways during the conference.

On the last day, such an incredible spirit of intercession was released on the people that the venue erupted with spontaneous prayer and cries for the nation of Pakistan. We’re deeply thankful that God has given us here in Cornerstone a part to play in what He’s doing in Pakistan. We’re thankful also for the mustard seeds that He’s planted in our midst.


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