God is Enough!

The last 6 days from Saturday, 25th May, have been incredible. It was 4 years ago on this day, after 18 months of restoration and decorating works, that we re-opened and dedicated the Bible College of Wales in Swansea. On this same day last Saturday, we held our first BCW-School of Ministry Alumni gathering. It was a most unforgettable celebration and a precious time of intercession for Wales and the nations by the alumni. Praise God for the fire that is burning strong in all of their hearts, with the Holy Spirit leading the way.

Moving from this glorious time to the next, was the astounding ‘Bless Wales’ Conference in Swansea. God was among us and His presence was awesome. Something significant lifted off as many testified of God blowing away the grey shroud that covered Wales, of old wells springing up, and new wells being dug. Others testified of the tension which lifted over their lives, breaking chains off their necks, and others were healed and delivered. Many also shifted into a season of breakthrough for their churches. So many more testified this was a gathering unlike any they’d ever experienced before. The worship teams and each speaker brought with them a unique unifying word. God has lifted the dusty covers to reveal His field of daffodils — it is to move in His resurrection power, to release the prophetic voice.

From the word ‘go’ on the first night, it was evident to all that the Lord would have His way. The sensitivity of Ben Fitzgerald birthed a spontaneous, heartfelt cry and mercy poured out that night. Most wondered, “Is this revival, is revival breaking out?” as wave upon wave of His liquid love was poured out, while prayers, intercessions, and spontaneous praises were made by the hundreds who came for the conference. A clear sound arose from Wales, never to be the same again.

I believe God marked that night. I attest, revival has already broken out in many hearts. Fresh hope and the stirrings of Holy Spirit fire continue even after the conference. We believe it’ll fan out to the north, south, east, and west of Wales. The stirrings will increase. Can God be measured, can His thoughts be fathomed? So many hungry and thirsty came for Jesus alone, lapping up, feasting on the Word and drinking in His presence. A picture of a cup, brimming with the overflowing goodness of God, and the bread which must be given away, comes to mind. His tangible presence grew thicker with each meeting.

The avalanche of visitors streaming into the bible college after the conference was another evidence of the move of the Spirit. Students belonging to the college from as far back as 40-50 years ago made their way home for the first time. And so, it wasn’t just what we felt, but the reports which came in from every quarter, from both the Welsh and among the participants from the 26 nations.

I am continually drawn in, overwhelmed by His love, amazed by the brilliance of His heart, and struck by His awesome plan. The hurdles and discouragements along this journey only strengthened our resolve to trust His word and leading. What can I say? God is enough!

And, as the intercessors in Cornerstone Singapore continued to tarry in prayer, despite our two lands being separated by mountains, lands, oceans for over 11,000 kilometres, God spoke with the same clarity as if we were all in one place. It is God, it has to be God, it must be God!

As I pen this, tonight we will be graduating 36 students from the 8th BCW-SOM, our largest cohort thus far. This is indeed a season of new beginnings and open doors, with several firsts. 2019 saw our first alumni gathering and the glorious ‘Bless Wales’ Conference as a standard marker for greater things which God has in store for His people. There’s no turning back now. We can only look ahead with greater resolve for all that is in God’s heart to do.

I want to specially thank the members of Cornerstone for journeying with us on this incredible dream in God’s heart, to purchase the Bible College of Wales. Thank you for your hearts agreeing with ours in this first step of obedience. We obtain favour when we’re tagged to the one true God.

I can only say it has always been God. God will always be enough!


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