The Pool of Bethesda

Since the start of the year, we’ve seen a dramatic spike in the number of healings in Cornerstone, some of which are very notable. When a person scheduled for surgery gets it cancelled because the doctors cannot find what was wrong before, that’s a significant miracle. 

3rd or 4th stage cancers almost used to be a death sentence, but no longer. Faith is rising and people are starting to understand that nothing is impossible for God. There’s nothing that God cannot do. When we use words like ‘incurable’ today to describe diseases, we’re diminishing God’s power. We ought to banish that word in church. If you use the word ‘incurable’, you’ve just made the sickness greater than God – there’s no impossible situation that God cannot reverse.
A prophet wrote to me about a vision he saw: “Twice, I had a vision in which I saw the following –water filling up the Cornerstone sanctuary and, every first week of the month, a healing angel would come and stand in the water. People would come from different places, even fly in, and come to Cornerstone and get healed, much like the pool of Bethesda. It was strange, because I saw the sign on the building that read: ‘Katong Cornerstone, Healing Pool’. 
I saw people come in ambulances and brought in on stretchers into the sanctuary, and people would just be healed without anyone praying.

“The sanctuary was a healing zone. It wasn’t dependent on an anointed person for healing. Every first week, a healing angel would stand in the sanctuary and there was healing and miracles. 

“I heard the Lord say, ‘I control the seasons and I am releasing this season, as waters have dried up in places where there once was a flow, because no one was faithful to steward it, I am once again releasing this water for healing in the nation. It’s the same power, but a different flow for a new generation that needs to see My power. I am a God that makes covenants and keeps covenants and I will heal my people’.” 
Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” God is not speaking to the unsaved here. He’s not speaking to the lost. He’s speaking to His covenant people. And, the absence – or lack of knowledge – is the one primary reason why so many Christians are in captivity and bondage. Because of ignorance, the Church is kept in a state of weakness and immaturity, and there’s no subject, in my opinion, where ignorance is so pronounced, than the matter of healing.

Because we’re ignorant about what God says about healing, many Christians continue to suffer under the bruising weight of their sicknesses and diseases, and many even die prematurely, not understanding what God has already done for us – Jesus died on the Cross and He bore all our sicknesses and diseases.
This lack of knowledge often comes across in the way we speak about sicknesses. We say unbiblical things like, “Well, if it’s the will of God to heal me, He will. If not, then I will gladly bear my sickness.” I challenge you to find an instance in the Bible where we’re told to pray, “If it be Thy Will, then heal me.”

Let me settle the issue once and for all – it’s God’s will to heal. In Matt 8, we find a leper who says to Jesus, “Lord, if You are willing, you can make me clean.” Let me just tell you something about that leper. He was ignorant of God’s will concerning sickness. He knew Jesus had the ability to heal, but he had no clue that Jesus was totally willing to heal him. Jesus replies and says, “I will, be clean” and this forever settles the issue.

It’s His will to heal. It’s paid for. It’s in the atonement. If you’ll believe, and lay hold of it by faith, you too will be healed. It’s inconsistent for us to believe that Jesus paid such a high price for healing and then not believe it’s God’s intention to heal. So, let’s believe. Let’s reach out in faith. Let’s stand on the Word of God and see His power manifest.


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