Confessions and Decrees

We live in a word-created, word-upheld, word-sustained and word-dominated environment. Job 22 tells us, “You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you.” The writer to the Hebrews tells us that Jesus ‘holds all things by the WORD of His power’. Paul says in Colossians, ‘In Him, all things are held together’. How? By the Spoken Word. This is the power of a decree from a pure heart. Not only will a decree establish a thing […]

2 Mandates for 2022

In our 2022 Vision Sunday address, hear a defining word as Pastor Yang shares what he believes to be 2 mandates for us this year as a church. May you encounter the power of the Holy Spirit in your lives like never before!

Mantles & Mentors

This weekend, I’d like to take the opportunity to honour a few men who have made a significant impact in my life. I’m sharing this with you in order that you may understand our heritage and inheritance because this is not just about me, it’s about us. The people God has connected me with is for your sake. One of the greatest privileges in my life is to be surrounded with many prophets and godly mentors who have all poured […]

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

One of the biggest mistakes that we make in life is to judge by what we see. We judge people by how we perceive or what we hear about them. We judge a people’s group often by what we read. We judge by appearance; we judge by their speech. But we’re told in Scriptures that Jesus, when He was on this earth, did not judge by the seeing of the eyes, or by the hearing of the ear. Instead, He […]

The Hezekiah Syndrome

There’s a strange disease that afflicts those who have or are enjoying a measure of success in their lives. It happened to a rich man in Luke 12; it happened to another wealthy man in the days of David who treated David’s servants with disdain.

Prisoners of HOPE

In Zechariah 9, the Lord refers to His people as ‘Prisoners of Hope’, not prisoners of hopelessness. There’s nothing the world is aching for more right now than hope. And it’s true those with the greatest hope are also the most positive people on the planet. Both hope and hopelessness are equally contagious and we cannot allow ourselves to fall into hopelessness. Biblical hope is one of the greatest things in the world and we’re called to manifest it.

The Gift of Peace

On 30 Oct 2021, humanity passed a threshold when we officially recorded 5 million deaths from the coronavirus, not counting the devastation it has brought to untold numbers around the world. People are desperate, governments are running out of ideas, and nobody can guess when this will all end. If there are two things people need right now, it’s HOPE and PEACE. Over the next two weekends, I’ll be addressing these vital issues. It’d be wise to heed what Corrie […]

The Pleasure of His Company

“All the unhappiness of men”, the 17th Century French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, famously noted, “arises from one simple fact, that they cannot sit quietly in their chamber”. We’re living in a generation of stress, and it’s not only in the world; it’s also in the Church. There’s a tremendous pressure that’s coming down upon every person and no one is exempted from it. Unfortunately, Christians are some of the most worn-out people on the planet and that’s a shame, especially […]

Navigating in the Spirit

I have been doing quite a bit of introspection and soul searching over the past few weeks to see where I, or we, might have gone wrong in the process of trying to acquire a 2nd campus for Cornerstone. Did I not hear the voice of God correctly? Could I have done things better? Was I hasty? Was I too eager? Did I not check the warning signs? This message will take us through some of the lessons learnt on […]

Israel’s Premier Prophet

Elijah was the premier prophet in the Old Testament, no doubts about that. In Matthew 16, when Jesus and His disciples were in the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked the question, “Who do men say that I am?” Pay attention to the answers the disciples gave. The first name mentioned was John the Baptist. The 2nd was the Prophet Elijah. The 3rd was Jeremiah. In other words, these three prophets were the ones most associated with our Lord’s ministry […]